App & Platform Privacy

This information will be updated periodically as we make progress on our solution. Please check back often. If you download and install the App, you will be notified when we make changes to privacy information.

This page is an informal, non-legalese explanation of how we will treat your privacy.

Like many of you, we are concerned about privacy rights as well and how to balance the world we live in today where we constantly use services in exchange for some of our privacy. At the end of the day, what each of us shares with others is our choice to make.

When you download and install our App on your Smartphone, we will not know who you are unless you tell us. The only thing we will readily know about you is your postal code or area code and the IP address being used to access our server when your App first registers with us.

The App will be assigned a unique ID which will be the only way we can communicate with or identify the App unless more information is submitted to us or you volunteer personal or demographic information.

We recognize that only a small fraction of the users of the App may have an understanding of the technologies that make an App like this work so we are doing our best to explain things in simple and non-technical terms.

With granting you this level of privacy it does involve trust that you will use the App for legitimate purposes. We will be making improvements and adjustments to how we handle privacy as we see how the App is being used.

Currently, the only time we will receive additional information from the App about you is when you self-report that you have become sick or have symptoms, or when you voluntarily submit additional information about yourself.

The App will be recording your location coordinates at certain intervals and only if it has changed enough from the previous position to warrant making an entry. This information remains on your Smartphone and we do not have access to it.

When an App user reports that they are sick and are in your area or you have both been in the same postal code, your App will receive their location history. The history received will not include their blind spots. The App will then compare your location history to the location history that has been received in order to determine if you may have been exposed.

If you had no exposure risk, the received location information is discarded.

If during the cross check of location information it is found that you may have had contact at the same time or within 3 days after they were at the same general location, you will receive an alert. At this point we do receive information containing your App’s unique ID and the location information from your phone for that match, and only that match.

We use that information for statistical purposes so we know how many people using our App have potentially been exposed. We can also send messages to your App about that exposure should more information or a need to communicate appear. On that note, we will be able to send your App messages based on it’s user ID and you will be able to anonymously respond.

Your location history is only sent to us when you self-report that you are sick with or have symptoms of COVID-19. This information is the coordinates to each logged location that is outside of the privacy zone you can optionally set up. It will consist of longitude, latitude, date, time, accuracy rating, speed at which you were moving and IP address at the time. The IP address is only used for anti-fraud measures.

Other potential features would be a messenger feature where our platform would be able to send the App on your phone information, additional notices, or potentially to communicate with an authorized user of the platform, such as a doctor or medical employee.

When a communication is sent to the App, we will receive a simple confirmation the message was delivered as well as if it was marked as read, should that apply.