About Us

COVID-19 Notify, LLC

1119 Adams St, Floor 2
Toledo, OH 43604

We are currently an all volunteer entity as we get our solution off the ground. Our structure and mission will be developed and evolving as we move forward. The current mission is to complete this App, get it in the hands of the community, and trying to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Scott Hiser

Founder & President


The idea for this App and Platform was created by Scott Hiser. Scott is currently the founder and President of Velocity Technologies, Inc., a software development and solution provider experienced with creating innovative solutions to solve unique problems, while also supporting complex integrated environments.

Scott was a corporate level Technical Advisor with FedEx spanning 12 years where he consulted with and advised some of the top companies in the world. He had the unique opportunity to take an early retirement option in 2013 at the age of 35 which allowed him to follow his entrepreneurial passions.

Scott has founded and operated a number of businesses ranging from physical retail stores to top e-commerce sites as well as a highly successful government contract to facilitate the 2008 DTV Analog to Digital conversion.

Brian Epstein

Civic Advisor


Brian Epstein has more than 20 years in senior executive leadership roles within the business and philanthropic sectors. His experience ranges from healthcare and financial services companies to software, start-ups and non-profits. Most recently, Brian formulated and served as CEO of a regional consulting agency assisting innovative start-ups which included medical devices, software, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and others.

Brian has a proven track record in building partnerships and leading collaborations. His skills and experience include an in-depth knowledge of organizational lifecycles and structures, process improvement, sales, marketing, product development and commercial validation.

He earned a M.Ed. Degree in Human Behavior and Leadership Development from Plymouth State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Management from Albion College.

Thomas Swigart

Strategic Advisor


Tom Swigart is a serial entrepreneur from Toledo, OH. Before specializing in growth capital investing and consulting, Tom headed both the human resource and financial departments of Redsson Technologies where he managed purchasing, accounting, payroll, and strategic financial forecasting in addition to supplementing Redsson’s service and support in all markets. During this time he branched out into the automotive business and into a lucrative commercial real estate partnership. Following his successful exit from Redsson Technologies he concentrated on fostering the development of promising new companies. His specialty is recurring revenue model business, with an emphasis on strategic reseller and supplier relationships, risk management, and ensuring financial stability in response to an increasingly volatile marketplace.

Samuel Harmon

App Developer


Samuel Harmon, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University.

He originally focused on the manufacturing industry and engaged with many different industries; aerospace, food, energy, water purification, and railroad, handling engineering support and project management for a variety of projects.

Samuel continued his education to pursue his interests in software development and made the decision to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and software development; founding PrismScroll LLC. He has launched multiple revenue generating products on the Apple App Store and is expanding into the Android market. Ready to tackle the next challenge, bringing COVID19 Notify to life provides the perfect opportunity to continue to learn and give back to society at the same time.

Shawn Camp

Creative Advisor


Shawn Camp is an illustrator and designer from Sylvania, OH. He started his art career at Kaman’s art Shoppes as a caricature artist where he was a live artist, supervisor, and trainer. For the next few years, he worked as a pre-press layout designer and for a marketing company doing various designs and illustrations. After the marketing company downsized, Shawn began working for Root Inc. as a designer and digital artist. After a few years as a designer, he transitioned to Root’s new department for e-learning where he designed, coded and illustrated e-learning modules for companies such as Pepsi, Dow, Panda Express and Pioneer to name a few. He is now in his 15th year at Root Inc. as a Senior Digital artist where he now designs GUI, illustrates and also does motion graphics for many large corporations such as Verizon.

Adam McBride

Digital Marketing Advisor


Adam McBride operates his digital marketing agency, ProductPush.io, where he provides strategy & guidance to help brands grow online.

Before this, Adam co-founded Loctote Industrial Bag Co. which was featured on the ABC’s show Shark Tank. Adam & his business partner raised over $1.6 million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo while launching Loctote. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from The Ohio State University.