Help slow the spread of Covid-19 and save lives!

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The power to save lives can exist in your pocket.

This App has the potential to let you take additional measures to protect those around you. You also have the power to anonymously let others know if you become ill. All they will know is they crossed paths with somebody who later fell ill, when, and in what area.

Please join the fight, we are all in this together!

Quick steps for using the COVID-19 Notify App.

Sign up to receive updates and be notified when the COVID-19 Notify App is available to the general public. We value your privacy and do not need your name, but we do require your zip code so we know your general region.

How It Works

This only works if as many people use it as possible! When we release the App, just install it on your phone. Tell the App the Country you live in (Only US for now) and your Postal Code. That's it! We do not need to know more about you. The App will monitor you and your surroundings. If another App user in your area becomes ill and reports it, our App will notify you if you have been exposed to them!

Then take additional precautions! Our goal is to inform people they may be infected so they can take additional measures to protect their household, family, loved ones, co-workers, public, and the world.

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Your Privacy

Your personally identifiable information is not stored on our servers to make this app function. When installed on your smart phone the App will only be registered to your local region with a secure and unique ID. That's it! We will not know who you are unless you tell us. You are in full control.

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Get Involved

The WORLD needs your help and so do we!

We need volunteers and investors! Are you a software developer, data scientist, medical expert, political or neighborhood leader, media figure, journalist, genius, visionary, social media superstar or somebody who can contribute, please click below!

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